We have a small project-based recording studio and independent record label here in the Portland area. The studio is best suited for small indie projects or singer-songwriters wanting to track/refine a demo or a single. For larger projects, we have a list of recommended studios and engineers. It’s been used to track, mix, and master a 10-song LP by Portland’s post rock project, ghostmarket, various overdubs for collaborative recordings, as well as some work composing and recording part of a soundtrack for the upcoming found footage film, What Happened to Suzie?

We have the capability to record 18 tracks simultaneously, and an assortment of 11 outboard mic preamps and five outboard compressors. We also have access to a large room with very high ceilings, wood floors and tongue-and-groove ceilings for tracking drums (limited availability), or a natural reverb chamber. We use Logic Pro for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering.

Below is a list of our current equipment. This list is constantly changing, so inquire for updated gear. Rates are reasonable. Inquire for schedule availability and pricing.


• Audix i5 dynamic mic
• Avantone Pro CK-7 multi-pattern LDC (2)
• Digital Reference DRDK4 Drum Mics (3x snare/tom, 1 kick)
• Electro-Voice 635a dynamic Mic
• KAM R3 – Ribbon Mic
• KAM RT-1 Ribbon Tone Dynamic Mic
• Neewer 410 SDC w/ multiple capsules (matched pair)
• Oktava MK-012 matched stereo pair, vintage bodies with new capsules
• Oktava MK-219 LDC w/ Bill Sitler mods
• Peavey 520i Large Diaphragm Dynamic (US made RE20-style)
• Peavey PVM 480 SDC (2)
• Pyle PDMIC78 (more lively SM57 knockoff) (2)
• Sennheiser e609 dynamic mic
• Shure 543S Unidyne III (predecessor to SM57)
• Shure 546 Unidyne III (transformerless modded)
• Shure 55S (“Elvis” mic)
• Shure SM57
• Shure SM58 (2)
• Shure SM63 Dynamic Omni Mic
• Sonarworks Omni Measurement Mic
• Sterling ST-170 Active Ribbon Mic
• Telefunken Copperhead CU-29 Tube LDC
• Warm Audio WA-47jr multi-pattern LDC
• Various old line and custom built Carbon/Electret mics for effects


• 2023 M2 Mac Mini
• Apple Logic Pro X 
• Behringer ADA8200 8-channel ADAT converter
• Carvin Filter Direct Box (2)
• DIYRE Reamp Box
• DBX 386 2-channel tube mic preamp and AD/DA convertor
• Focusrite 18i20 Recording Interface
• Kali Audio LP-6 monitors
• Livewire 20-channel 50′ snake
• Midas LS-10 500 series enclosure
• Sony MDR7506 headphones (2)
• Sennheiser HD650 headphones
• Space Charge Audio Reamp Box
• Sterling HP4 4-channel headphone amp
• Behringer CONTROL2USB Monitor/Source switcher and talkback system


• Hackerboutique TSX Tape Saturator/compressor/limiter (2)
• Sound Skulptor CP4500 Stereo Bus Compressor (SSL clone)
• Symetrix CL-150
• Symetrix 501

Mic Preamps:

• CAPI VP26 mic preamp
• Fivefish SK1-DI 500 Series mic preamp w/ DI
• Golden Age Audio Pre 73 MKII (Neve 1073 clone) (2)
• Hairball Audio Lola 500 series mic preamp and DI
• Hamptone HVTP2 Tube Mic Preamp (2)
• N-Sonic 73 Pre 500 series Neve 1073 clone mic preamp
• SSL SIXChannel SIX Mic Pre 500 Module
• Warm Audio WA-412 (4-channel API clone)


• 1981 Silverface Fender Champ
• Ampeg SVT Micro VR 200 watt Solid State Bass Head
• Ampeg SVT-210AV 2×10 Bass Cabinet
• Benson Amps Rosie Head (Vinny 1 watt tube amp w/ custom Soursound output transformer)
• Boltronix Overdrive Special 30 watt Fender/SLO inspired tube head
• Boutique 15 watt ax84 SEL build
• Jet City 1×12 Vintage 30 speaker cab
• Space Charge Amplification Astroluxe Reverb (black panel Deluxe Reverb clone w/ Soursound OT,
Pacific Audio PT, RT, Choke, and Jupiter 12″ speaker)
• Space Charge Amplification hand-wired Tweed 5F2A Princeton w/ 10″ Greenback and custom
Soursound transformers
• Space Charge Amplification Royaluxe Reverb (black panel Princeton Reverb clone w/ Soursound OT/PT
and Eminence Allesandro GA-SC64 12″ Speaker)
• Space Charge Amplification Starluxe 107 4 watt tube head (modified take on the Magnatone
Starliner 107 amp w/ added EQ and controllable NFB)
• Space Charge Amplification 1×10 speaker cab w/ 4-ohm Jensen MOD speaker
• Vox AC30CC2 w/ Lyle Caldwell Mods, greenbacks, Tung-Sol preamp tubes, and JJ Power Tubes


• Custom built Old Town Music Telecaster
• Custom built Jazzmaster w/ Strat neck
• Custom built Les Paul clone
• Custom built P-Bass
• Gretsch G5232T Electromatic Double Jet FT
• Guild F-250CE Deluxe Jumbo Acoustic
• Squier Bass VI
• Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar w/ Fender American Standard tremolo
• Squier Paranormal Jazz Bass ’54 wired in series, w/ CIJ ’90s Jazz Bass Neck
• Squier Starcaster Classic Vibe w/ Brandonwound Wide Range Humbuckers and Duesenberg tremolo


• Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
• PDP Concept Classic Maple 3-piece kit (13/16/24)
• Custom-made Solid Walnut Shell Stave Snare
• DW 5500 Hi-Hat Stand
• Pearl Eliminator Kick Pedal
• Zildjian A Custom 20″ Ride
• Vintage ’60s Zildjian 22″ medium ride (cracked, darker sounding)
• Vintage ’60s Zildjian 18″ medium crash/Ride (cracked but functions fine)
• Vintage ’60s/’70s or ’80s 14″ Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats (vintage top, newer bottom)
• Vintage ’70s or ’80s Zildjian 16″ medium crash
• 3 boom stands
• Generic snare stand
• Pearl snare stand


• Akai MPK III midi controller
• Critter and Guitari Organelle M
• Deepmind 6 Polyphonic Synth
• Korg Poly 800 Vintage Polyphonic Synth
• Novation Launchpad Mini MkIII
• Space Charge Audio drone synths (2)


• 29 Pedals EUNA
• Alexander Effects History Lesson Vol 3 Delay
• Amplifyfun Mystery of the Jewel drive pedal
• Behringer Super Fuzz
• Boss FV-500L Volume/Expression Pedal
• Cascade Pedals Incendiary Fuzz
• Catalinbread Soft Focus
• Daisy Cutter Effects Treble Master
• Death by Audio Fuzz War
• Demedash T-120 VHS tape emulator
• Digitech Bad Robot synth pedal
• Digitech Obscura Delay
• Dirty Haggard 797 Distortion
• DOD Boneshaker distortion
• Dunlop DVP-5 Volume/Expression Pedal
• Electronic Audio Experiments Longsword V2
• Fender Engine Room 8 & 12 Isolated Pedal Power Supplies
• Hologram Chroma Console
• Hologram Microcosm
• Indifferent Engine Janky Tape Echo
• JHS Hall Reverb
• Kinotone Audio Ribbons tape emulator pedal
• Lauren Audio Mustang Neve console-style drive pedal
• Loe Sounds Electra Fuzz
• Meris LVX Delay System
• Meris Mercury Reverb
• Morningstar MC6-Pro Midi Controller
• Morningstar ML5 Midi Switcher
• Mr. Black Supermoon modulated reverb
• MXR Timmy
• Peterson Strobostomp HD tuner pedal
• Silktone Fuzz
• Strymon Cloudburst
• Strymon El Capistan V2
• UAFX Dream ’65 Fender Black Panel-style Amp Sim
• UAFX Golden Reverberator
• Various DIY pedals by Space Charge Audio