Our roots are in the creative aspects of web development and print design, corporate identity, copywriting, and creative strategy. Our founder previously owned Workshed Creative Agency in Camas, WA and has been in the “industry” since the mid-90s. You know what rubylith is? Graphic arts cameras? Pre-press? Paste ups? We do, and frankly, we are happy the digital age has ushered in much more efficient means of creating and printing design work. We have done work for small businesses up to large international corporations, but we always prefer to work with the small, indy business.

In our past, we have worked on a number of creative project types:

  • Website/UX design
  • Digital illustration
  • Corporate identity design (logo, corporate style guide, print collateral)
  • Branding and strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising campaign concept and design (print and Television)
  • Creative/Art direction
  • Print publication design
  • Photography
  • Banners and Wayfinding
  • Signage

While we take on very little creative work these days, we will consider a project if it meets our criteria:

  • In an industry to which we feel an alliance and passion (music gear, electronics, creative endeavors, independent businesses making or selling cool things)
  • Trust of our experience and design skills (i.e., no design by committee or micro-management)
  • Flexible timelines
  • Detailed input and constructive feedback to help refine your ideas into a cohesive design

If you are still interested or want to see some portfolio examples, please get in touch.