Our audio electronics division can perform basic music-focused audio equipment repair, modifications, designs and builds. If your pedal is cutting out, making noises that you don’t expect it to, or won’t engage, we can likely fix it. If your tube amp needs troubleshooting, new tubes, or new caps, we can help out. If your microphone has stopped working, has intermittent sound, or has developed a hum, we might be able to fix it. We can also work on some studio gear, such as preamps and compressors. For more involved repairs, we have local shops we can refer you to for more comprehensive service options.

We also do custom builds of pedals, build DIY studio gear such as 500 series kits, rack gear, tube amps, and some DIY microphones. We have done circuit design, PCB design, and have built custom speaker cabinets.

Additionally, we have capabilities to help prototype enclosures, wood or acrylic faceplates, and other items for amps/guitars/electronics gear. We have a laser cutter/engraver, 3D printer, and access to a CNC router to assist with these needs.

Get in touch, let us know what you have or need, and we’ll let you know if we can help out.